We offer three levels of obedience training, from the very basic to the most advanced. All dogs must go through a learning phase, a correction phase, and a proofing phase. There are no shortcuts if you want it done correctly. And although obedience training is not a 'fix' for any behavior problem, it provides a solid foundation to get your dog prepared for whatever training goals you have in mind. Prices will vary depending whether the training is held at our facility or the customer's home.

Level 1 Obedience - This program will cover all basic commands and address any common behavior problems. Consists of 4 private sessions. The cost of this program is $450.00.

Level 2 Obedience - This program stresses training under distraction as well as distance work. Introduction to off leash training will be taught as well. Consists of Level 1 obedience plus 4 private sessions. The cost of this program is $850.00. Dog must be at least 6 months old to begin this training.

Level 3 Obedience - This program is only for the serious dog owner. Consists of Levels 1 and 2 Obedience plus 4 private sessions. Dog will be trained under extreme distraction and from longer distances. Introduction to topics like poison proofing, as well as any dog sport the owner would like to attempt. The cost of this program is $1200.00.